Brexit is rapidly approaching. Although the decision regarding the agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union is postponed until 31.10.2019, it is important to already take the necessary actions which need to be taken to ensure that transport between the EU and the UK continues to run smoothly.
To avoid unforeseen delays, we advise you to take the necessary steps in time.


Brexit will ensure that customs declarations will have to be made for both import and export traffic. Hereafter you find some important points which will enable us to continue our cooperation in the future.

1) EORI number

It is necessary that your company has its own EORI number for shipments outside the European Union.
You can request this identification number via the link below.

2) Commodity codes

Commodity codes mainly concern HS codes. Through this code, the imported and exported goods can be identified. These codes are mandatory and are used to determine the correct VAT tariff as well as the import duties. Certain imported goods may be exempt from import duties, making this information very important. 


It is the responsibility of the executing party or the importing party to provide the correct HS code per product.
More information can be found via the link below.

3) Customs declaration

You can arrange the customs declaration yourself, but we would like to inform you that you can also use our services.
Intertrans – as well as our partners in the UK – can handle the customs forms in Belgium and in the UK.


Intertrans has a customs department with a large expertise. Furthermore, we also obtained the AEO-certificate, which means that the customs declaration for your shipments will be done both fast and efficient.


These mandatory customs declarations will cause additional administrative work.
The goods need to be accompanied each time by documents mentioning some vital information (such as EORI number – HS codes – incoterm – number of packages – gross and net weight – value – etc.) in order to be able to ensure the customs clearance of your goods.
The lack of certain information can cause delays.


If you have any further questions regarding this subject, do not hesitate to contact us.

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