Fuel Surcharge Belgium - Road Transport


The fuel price has a big influence on our transport rates. Therefore we apply a fuel surcharge which settles this cost in a transparent manner.


Needless to draw your attention to the excessive rise in fuel prices in recent months. The Belgian government has acknowledged the problem and has implemented a temporary reduction in excise duty. Nevertheless, we are forced to take measures by applying a general fuel surcharge for Belgian customers Road Transport.


Intertrans has opted for a universal approach based on a variable fuel surcharge of which you can find the adjusted fuel scale hereafter. This measure is subject to the impact of the EU Mobility Pack.



Intertrans applies a fuel surcharge from the first working day of each month which remains valid for the entire month. The surcharge is calculated based on the prices published by the Petroleum Federation (Energia) (



The fuel surcharge for April 2024 = 14.00% (based on a fuel price of 1.8610 Euro/lit. on 01.04.2024).



If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and your continued trust.

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